Mission & Stewardship

Mission & Stewardship

You know what’s really great?  There are always many exciting things happening at Salem, relative to mission and ministry.

What’s not always great is that we don’t all take part in that mission and ministry.  To be honest, as members we may not always know what opportunities are out there.  We may sign a stewardship card saying that we could help with something, but we don’t always consider the myriad ways that Salem has to be a participant in the church’s ministry and mission areas.

Our Mission & Stewardship team, together with the help of our ministry teams, would like to change that by holding a Mission & Ministry Fair on September 17, following worship, as an extension of coffee hour.  Our plan is to set up tables in Fellowship Hall. Think of a career fair that you may have attended after high school or college.

I will be reaching out to the various Salem Groups:  Food Pantry, Red Tent, Audio / Visual; Welcome Table, Helping Hands, Men’s Club, Music, Christian Ed, Called to Care, Sonshine Circle, Parish Nurse, Care Meals, Called to Care, Altar Guild, Missions – to take some time to put together some information to share about what you’re doing around Salem and the community, to share during our coffee hour time.  We may also be able to resurrect some other groups like Usher / Greeter groups, drivers for members who cannot drive to church, etc.

We’re scheduling this time because we really want all our members, including our younger family members to learn more about some of the ways that they can take part in our church’s missions and ministries.

So, please mark your calendars.

We’ve been blessed with freewill donations for our Christmas in July fundraiser reaching $346.00 for SCIO / Bridgeway.  An additional $200 has been added from the Church Picnic receipts for a total of $546.  That leaves a balance of $454 to complete Salem’s support goal for the year.  Thank you all for your support.

We are also planning on other special offerings coming up to support immigrants and refugees, as well as Rainbow Kids.  So, please keep your eyes on upcoming bulletins for those opportunities.

Also, regarding our 5 for 5 UCC benevolences, we will be hoping to supplement the regular giving to our alphabet soup of OCWM, NIN, OGHS, etc., with freewill offerings at our Coffee Hour table, each Sunday.  Individuals and groups who volunteer to host the Coffee Hour will be able to select from these offering jars and choose what benevolence they would like to support.  We are hoping that our members will embrace this chance to help with a bit of change here and there to add impact to our charitable giving.

As always, we must keep in mind how we are all blessed, and look for ways to share our blessings with the wider world.  It’s up to us to seek unique ways to share, and our committee’s hope that as a church we’re willing and able to share God’s love.

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