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Notes from the Church & Ministry Team – April 2017

As the Lenten days wind down and we draw closer to Holy Week and Easter, we as Christians, are reminded of the darkness of Jesus’ crucifixion and death; and we are hopeful of the new life and light that are promised in Christ’s resurrection.  Let us be mindful of the sufferings of our Lord, but let our emphasis be on the Good News of Easter.  Let us be renewed by the sunshine, greening of lawns, springing of flowers and the new birth of animals that come to us in this season.  As God provides us with light and renewal, let us be encouraged to spread His rays through our smiles, words and actions.  Let us challenge ourselves and one another to be kind and loving as we go about our lives and our work and worship within and beyond our community of faith.  We pray that this season may find us seeking God’s light and spreading it whenever and wherever possible.  Perhaps you find yourself discouraged or distanced.  If so, we encourage you to share your concerns with members of your church family.  We are here to help ease the burdens of one another, and we extend to you our Christian love.  If anyone has need to share special concerns or request a visit or call from Rev. Hoppert, Dale Miller or members of our Church and Ministry Team, please contact the church office.  May you find hope, peace, renewal and rejoicing in God’s promises!

– Salem Church and Ministry Team:  Cyndi Huibregtse, Mary Bender, Amy Nischik and Angie Hartmann

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