Called to Care Ministry


On January 10th the Called to Care Ministry met to discuss how we can keep our mission strong with the departure of Dale Miller.  Our goal is to never forget anyone needing a phone call, a visit or our help in anyway.  Sometimes it is hard to make sure no one gets missed so we ask that if you know of someone please let one of us know or call the church office.  We will be using the nurse’s office (off the main office) as our location for information.

For our homebound or hospitalized people we will have one person make an initial call and from there we will request the person’s wishes for visits, phone calls or their request of no contact till further notice.  We will try to team them with someone they will be comfortable getting a visit from or if that is not an issue we will let the team know they would like additional visits.  This is to try to avoid bombarding anyone when perhaps they are not feeling well.

Lastly, we invite anyone that would like to join our ministry or find out more about us to call.  We know some of you have signed up on the bulletin board.  We thank you so much.  We will be happy to have a conversation with you and find out how you would like to contribute to our mission.

Besides visiting homes, hospitals and nursing homes we also assist Dale Miller with his continued church services at several of our nursing homes monthly.

The people that attended our meeting were Judi Miller, Robbie Gremminger, Kathy Zelm, Marsha Meyer, Dale Knuth and Richard Groene.


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