Zoar-Salem Cemetery

Update – December 2017

The cemetery board spent much of the last year updating and organizing the operation of the cemetery since the church assumed full ownership in the summer of 2016.  We reviewed and updated the cemetery pricing and rules, completed the surveying of new lots and correcting a boundary error, replaced the culvert for the Gerber Lake Road entrance and started a perpetual care account using the remaining certificate of deposit from the previous cemetery association.

Al Babler has done a wonderful job as caretaker and we have received many compliments on the appearance of the cemetery.  In addition to general mowing and trimming, he has removed brush and weeds, added stone to prevent erosion at the culvert openings, cleared downed branches and filled gravel needed in several areas of the drive.  He has enlisted volunteer help from the Boy Scouts on several projects because of his connection with their organization.   We hope to organize a work day next year to straighten some of the leaning monuments in the cemetery.

We are thankful to have received grants from the Endowment Fund which helped to defray expenses for the completion of the land surveying, replacement of the culvert, general maintenance and provided an additional contribution to the perpetual care fund.

We will be looking for a new board member to be elected at the annual congregational meeting, January 28, 2018.  The current board of directors consists of Terry Risse (chair), LynnYork (secretary) and Roger Rortvedt (director).   Lynn’s term is ending this year.  Board positions are decided by the directors at the first meeting of the year.  Any lot owner or member of Salem’s congregation is eligible to serve on the board.  If anyone would like to serve as a board member, please contact the church office or Terry Risse by December 31.

 Terry Risse


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