Zoar-Salem Cemetery

Update – March 2017

The Board of Directors is continuing to work out details for operation of the cemetery under the ownership of the church.  Last year was devoted to correcting some legal issues and taking steps to clarify the future of the cemetery.

  • The cemetery association was reorganized on behalf of the remaining lot owners as required by the state since the association had not met formally for more than 3 years.
  • In return for the church’s assurance to continue responsibility for the cemetery, the remaining lot owners voted to sign title of the land over to the church, a part of the original transfer which was never completed.
  • Al Babler was hired by Salem as the cemetery caretaker.
  • The church traded land with the neighbor, acquiring approximately 7 ft. along the north property line where some grave stones crossed the line, and awarding the neighbor approximately 7 ft. of unused land along the east property line as compensation.
  • A survey was completed which corrected the boundary and marked the location of two new areas of lots as well as the last row of the original cemetery for future reference in locating and marking grave plots.
  • Our sincere thanks are extended to Attorney James Hughes, who patiently guided us through the legal process at no charge to the church.

Since the legal transactions regarding cemetery ownership were not completed until last fall and the board of directors was established in the middle of the year, their terms will begin fully in 2017.  The initial board and their terms are Terry Risse (3 years), Roger Rortvedt (2 years) and Lynn York (1 year).   Beginning in January 2018, one new board member will be elected for a 3 year term in each succeeding

year.  Terry is serving as chair and Lynn as secretary for this year.

The cemetery board has been meeting on a monthly basis until rules and procedures for cemetery operation are completed.  Meeting dates will be posted in the church bulletin or newsletter.  Please call the church office if you wish to contact a board member.

Terry Risse – Chair

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