Finance Committee

Just a brief reminder that monthly financial reports are always available in the office.

We’ve been blessed by God, and we are thankful to our members that reflect the many blessings they receive through their financial support of the church.

However, the summer doldrums are officially here. On average our general fund gifts are about $2,000 below this same time last year.  Of course our financial needs remain the same.

We all find it difficult to discuss finances, but we will be working to change that.  We must bear in mind that when we pass the annual budget we are all making a commitment to each other to support the budget and the church.

As part of a community of faith this doesn’t necessarily mean supporting the parts you like and refusing to support the parts you may not like.

Being a church is not about creating a club or being consumers of a weekly message.  It’s about being part of something that was created to serve God.  It’s about asking ourselves what God wants of us, and then acting in a manner – through participation, personal and financial support – that reflects and helps a community and family of faith that is committed to sharing God’s love in the world.

Please, prayerfully consider the blessings that God has bestowed upon you and use that as a guide to how you respond.

Yours in Christ,

Mary Mullen

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