Church Directory

This is a question that has been asked by a number of Salem members.  Quite simply, the answer is that the directory is in need of some volunteers to help get it completed.

Member photos were taken, but there wasn’t a core group beyond one or two consistory members at the time to help pull it together.

When consistory members changed in 2016, there were great intentions to get the directory done but we found that we were missing some organizational photos.  That, together with the demands of our full-time jobs and other consistory responsibilities put the project on the back burner.

So, here we are.  We have credit with the company who took the pictures to print a small directory, but we need to decide how we want to move forward.

Our choices are to reorganize and have new photos taken of new members and complete a full directory for 2017, or to simply put out a photo / membership directory, request photos from members who had not had their photos taken a couple years ago, and eliminate the other activity information, which is where we currently have holes.

Also, something we should consider is that Jan Koepsell has put quite a bit of work into updating our Salem website.  As a medium that can be updated more frequently and can be kept current more efficiently, it could be argued that the website is where we should make our investment in group and activities content.

So, with this information shared, we are eager to hear your thoughts.  We know that there is a desire to have the directory updated.  What form it takes will be determined by your response.

Also, please consider offering your help.  If you’ve worked with publications before, if you’ve had any experience in creating brochures, great.  If you know enough of our church members that you can look through photos and help identify the people that’s great, too.

The thing to remember is that this is your directory.  It doesn’t belong to the consistory alone.  This is a good opportunity to be engaged in the life of the church on a single-project that can (hopefully) tap into some broader member participation.

Yours in Christ,

Mary Mullen

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